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 I'm going on an adventure! It's a 2-month(ish) expedition down the Great Divide Mountain Biking Route or the GDMBR as some folks would abbreviate it. This epic trip begins in the beautiful, scenic town of Banff, Alberta, and wraps up in the, well, let's call it "secluded" border town of Antelope Falls, New Mexico. This website will update you on my journey, my successes and failures, and may just convince you to donate to a good cause if you're up to it. Enjoy!

"I'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs, but I trust a dog that doesn't like a person." - Bill Murray 

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This is Yogi, my first dog. We miss Yogi #IMY so I put a picture of him here. We call him Ghost Yogi. It's not sad, it's funny. There, now we're all clued in on the joke. 

Did I make it?

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Dogs, Blogs, and Bike Cogs

Days 56-60: Wave the Checkered Flags

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Dogs, Blogs, and Bike Cogs

Days 51-55: Hi-Yo Silver, Away!

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Dogs, Blogs, and Bike Cogs

Days 48-50: Playing in the Sandbox

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Donate to the cause.

Pedaling for Puppies

The ongoing military conflict in Ukraine has created a disturbing, shocking, and terrifying reality for the people who live in Eastern Europe. Fortunately, there are some amazing folks doing incredible work to keep families together and are supporting the people of Ukraine through this time of need. 

One cause that really stood out to me was the work being done at Shelter Ugolyok, an animal rescue organization that has kept its locations open and active throughout Ukraine this year. Ugolyok has rescued and provided shelter for more than 400 animals including horses, cows, goats, dogs, cats, donkeys, and sheep. They've done tremendous work taking in pets that families have had to surrender due to the war.

I recognize the privilege I have to be able to go on a trip like this, while folks like the ones at shelter Ugolyok are giving their time, effort, and safety to make their community a better place. Please help me support their mission by considering a small donation to Shelter Ugolyok. All proceeds will go directly to the shelter and helping animals in need in Ukraine.

Pictures From the Trail

Oh, Canada

From training, all the way up to the Canadian border, check out some pics from the first leg of the journey.

Pioneer Country

The original pioneers were hitchhikers, ate coral, and took directions from algae. I can only hope but to honor their memory.

Home Stretch

Hey, I must be getting the hang of this thing! Just a few more miles to go.

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  • Camped in my backyard once. Almost made it to sunrise before getting scared. 
  • Watched a nature documentary for 4 hours straight because I was feeling really focused. (Iykyk)
  • Completed 82% of the story in Red Dead Redemption 2 on "Ruthless" mode.
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