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This is my blog where I recap my adventure on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail, post pictures of dogs, and make jokes that likely I only find funny. Enjoy!

Clint Fontanella 

Hey that's me! 

To tell my full story, we first have to go back to the invention of the bicycle itself in 1817 when German inventor Karl von Drais released the "swiftwalker," a crude cycling prototype with no pedals and a wooden beam frame. This day marked... okay enough of that. 

To be honest, this project is full of a lot of "new's" for me. I've never gone on a trip like this before, I've never created a website, and I've never left home for this amount of time with minimal contact with my friends and family back home.  Needless to say, I'm stoked and can't wait to get started.

I'll be using this site as a way to update folks on where I'm at in my trip. I also want to use it for the greater good — raising money for a local animal shelter working to save animals in Ukraine. If you'd like to get involved, read how you can contribute to Shelter Ugolyok here


And that's it. I hope you enjoy the stories!

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The ultimate bikepacking checklist

Do a good thing.

Donate to Shelter Ugolyok

There are puppies and horses and a few goats that need your help. Oh, and people. People, too. People are important. Well, the good ones. These are good ones. Like, really good ones.